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I received a Ph.D. in environmental science but then quit academia after being brainwashed a bit. Atleast in the process I learned research, data science, and that all ecosystems are interconnected.

For a couple of years after that I ran Facebook ads for a company and figured out how to setup marketing funnels, with tons of conversion optimization. It led to facing an attribution issue. I created my own software that tracked ecommerce sales effectively. The tool spread and it became my own little company for several years, with several developers and a bit over 1,000 software users ($4 billion revenue processed through my tech), being invited to speak at popular podcasts and events in ecommerce on latest advertising + tech tactics.

2021 came and I went all-in hearing about bitclout/DeSo, building the first sniping tools there on "tokenizing profiles." In 2022 my ecommerce colleagues were launching BAP, I helped there and then ended up leading the entire tech. Focusing on dev only. At the same time starting my Sweepwhale twitter account but nobody knew it was me. 1.5 years later it was revealed (accidentally doxxed) I'm the same person that led BAP tech.

The X Picker randomly came to life with zero planning and just a day from start-to-launch, with good timing... solving a problem when TwitterPicker went down. Although it unleashed what I wanted to do for the previous 1-2 years of launching tools for the entire industry, not just a standalone NFT project. Now I've been setting a foundation with multiple projects and tool features that open up the doors to my previous experience, connecting many communities together and potentially tokenizing ad-tech and ecommerce.

I'm self-funding the entire Xpicker, bootstrapped along with several devs (UI/data infrastructure) that have been working with me for the past 2 years on blockchain tech (BAP, Xpicker, Rough Ryders).

Associated Projects

Led the entire tech for BAP that has had 10,000+ ETH in multiple mints and secondary volume, and a sophisticated ecosystem with thousands of dev code commits (hundreds of tech features).

Led the mint, website features, and backend/smart contract features for Rough Ryders. Minted out in 84 minutes, 3000 NFTs at 0.03-0.04 ETH mint price sold out in 2024, with multi-project token integrations.

  • Bulls and Apes Project

    Bulls and Apes Project

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    Rough Ryders

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    The Forge

  • FIGHT for CMC

    FIGHT for CMC